декември 5, 2023


Vardar, the largest river in Macedonia, springs in Vrutok under Sharplanina and flows into the White Sea, near Solun. A river around which the indestructible Macedonian people were born, celebrated and existed for several millennia. Vardar, the symbol of Macedonian disobedience, an inspiration for Macedonian poets, from Homer to the present day, sung in folk songs, painted by Macedonian painters.

The waters of Vardar have been feeding the Macedonian fields for centuries and washing the angry wounds of the Macedonian heroes. The abundance was celebrated on the banks of the Vardar, the girls were loved, the homeland was defended.

The Vardar Valley, the most important traffic artery from antiquity to the present day through which many civilizations exchanged their cultural and material goods, a corridor for which many battles were fought and which was and still is one of the main topics of world negotiators.

And as the river Vardar gave birth to the Macedonian civilization several millennia ago, as evidenced by the archeological sites along its course, the information portal Vardar, as a modern electronic medium, aims to feed Macedonian sons and daughters with information about and from Macedonia, which are located in and outside the homeland. And just as many millennia ago the Macedonian tribes that lived around the river Vardar, united and created the glorious Macedonian state, let us gather today around the virtual Vardar and together to defend our Macedonia.

Macedonia to the Macedonians

From the editorial office