септември 27, 2023



Do you remember your first teacher? The one who received you on the first day of school and with motherly care was always here to help and advise. Remember? And on the primary teacher, and on the high school teacher?

The point of the questions is to remind us all of another carefree time, in which rules, laws and values were respected. As the years go by, values decline and rules and laws are not only disobeyed but also rudely broken. And respect, for respect we can only remember what it looked like, to respect and to be respected.

The term professor, teacher in itself deserves affection and respect. They are the people who do their best to literate, educate, teach our little ones true values. But, unfortunately, the teaching profession has not had that value for a long time and is not respected at all.

Education is at the lowest and poorest scale in our society. Instead of investing in the future of the generations, the little dignity that is left in the teachers who find ways and ideas every day to educate today’s child is being destroyed. And today’s child, led by modern parents does not know about respect. It is learned that whatever he wants he will get, he is rebellious and nervous and supported by parents with modern insights.

Teachers, in addition to being disrespected by students and parents, are deprived of all rights and benefits, the laws are constantly changing and impose additional obligations that restrict the freedom and creativity of the teacher with sheets of paper, which must be filled.

The destruction of a nation starts from education, ie by filling the empty heads with unnecessary information, creating nervous situations, artificial images of how it should be.

The destruction of education destroys the foundations, the foundation of a nation. Instead of teaching the youngest ones respect, values, history, culture, upbringing and dignified behavior, we left them to tear down the foundations.

Source: https://voborba.org/%d1%83%d1%87%d0%b8%d1%82%d0%b5%d0%bb%d0%ba%d0%be%d0%be.html