декември 5, 2023

Macedonian security

Security is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspects of our environment. Without food we can survive for weeks, without water for days, without air for minutes, but if the security around us is severely disrupted, then a fraction of a second can be crucial to human life.

At what level is the security in Macedonia? The other day we came up with a headline, which states that the head of the State Security Agency, ANB, was referred to by a former US ambassador as a “Serbian man”. The lady ambassador saw the stain in someone else’s eye, and she does not want to talk about the beam in her own. What has this diplomatic service got to do with this? One of their tasks is for the government structures in Macedonia, and especially the so-called “security services” to be under their control. This is evidenced by the past experience of selecting the first people in the Ministries of Interior and Defense, as well as security agencies. No one has run these institutions unless they have been “sung” at a training, seminar, or conference in the United States, regardless of political or ethnic background.

How does this affect the average Macedonian? Unfortunately, the interests of the Euro-Atlantic representatives in Macedonia represent the continuity of their ancestors in relation to the Macedonian issue. Thus, if in the Ottoman period the Western consuls in Macedonia did not move a finger to protect the human rights of the enslaved Macedonian population, then in the Balkan and World Wars they defended and stimulated the genocidal policies of our neighbors, today they continue to stimulate corrupt , criminal and terrorist groups working against the Macedonian people.

What does all this look like in practice? First, suitable candidates in middle-senior positions in political parties are corrupted and they are logistically assisted in advancing the party structures. Then, such “loyal to the enemies” candidates are assisted with information-logistical actions to become the head of the security institutions. With their help, the rest of the party’s leadership structure is later corrupted. When the control of the party in question is already secured, with social engineering and a series of election manipulations, which are prepared in the western embassies by corrupt officials, the treacherous party is installed in power. From a position of power, the party traitors, now state officials and mainly foreign mercenaries, ie anti-national installations, carry out various actions against the Macedonian people, ie they do everything that we see everywhere around us today. Political persecution is carried out and all those who love their homeland are imprisoned. Police, judges and executors persecute the common people but criminals, fraudsters, murderers, and terrorists roam the streets. Macedonian blood is spilled on the streets while minorities demand a second official language. For Macedonians the right to live is not guaranteed, while they break world records in privileges in an occupied country.

How to get out of such an enchanted circle? There are three possible solutions. The first is political, ie the formation of a new and unpolluted political party that will come to power through strong popular support. The second is technocratic, ie honest officers in the security structures to self-organize and find a way to end this Macedonian agony. And the third, and more and more probable solution, is after the first overflow of the glass in economic-political sense, for the people to take to the streets and clear the treacherous stain with their bare hands.

Yours Vardarec