јуни 10, 2023

Macedonian Election Results

The election resulted in an extremely divided parliament, with the SDSM-led coalition winning a plurality of votes and seats. The VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition came as a close second, lagging behind by only two seats and less than 1.5% of the vote. The BDI and the Alliance for Albanians–Alternativa coalition, both representing the ethnic Albanian minority, saw large gains. The Left, a socialist party, entered parliament for the first time with two seats, and the Democratic Party of Albanians lost one seat.

The SEC Website was “hacked” on the same day the election results were coming in. After 2-3 days of blackout and no official results the SEC members came out and spoke in public providing the official results which were as per the Website before it was “hacked”. After realizing that there were some votes missed on the calculation, SEC to correct themselves spoke again in public providing new information which included the votes that were missed. This meant that something was clearly not right in the SEC.

There is a lot of posts on Social media claiming and providing evidence that these elections were rigged and staged so that the results between the two biggest parties are close in seats which at the end that is what happened.

On the above two points if we add the electoral fraud, the bribe and the threatening to the people and their families that they will loose their jobs if they don’t vote, these elections can be called the worst in Macedonia in the last 30 years.

From these elections we saw that the biggest two political parties in Macedonia have lost between 100-150 000 votes each from the last parliamentary elections. This means that the Macedonian people do not support the change of our NAME and IDENTITY and in return they do not support the two political parties which made that happen.
The Macedonian people want change and they want people who will represent them!