декември 2, 2023

Despair of existence/ existence of despair

The previous column, dear reader, was scheduled for July 15, but reappeared the following week after a series of circumstances. However, the relevance of its title remains in the form of the traumatic question: “Macedonians do you want to exist?” The column was dedicated to Andon Doncevski, former football player of Vardar, and then coach of the Macedonian national football team. It was a long time ago during my student days, when cashless, I jumped over the concrete walls of the stadium to watch Andon scoring goals from the center with his cannon shot. Only one other football player had such a strong shot in the then Yugoslavia: Kostic from the Belgrade Red Star. That. But the motive to dedicate the column to Doncevski was the way he, as a coach, motivated the Macedonian football players before they went out on the field. Gotse race. Namely, his pedagogical magic, imperative in principle, was in the portraits of the Macedonian heroes from antiquity to Ilinden and ASNOM, which he hung in the locker room before the match, saying to the football players: “Do you see them: will you fight for victory like them, with the flag ‘Freedom or Death’ “.

I think I have explained enough, dear reader. From time to time, Andon from Australia calls me with the pain and wound of, as Koneski says, the crushed and now crushed tribe after that passionate identity slaughter by the “civilization” in Prespa. And I believe, as you and I do, that he is disappointed with the results of this so-and-so dirty election. Among other things, because they did not give a clear answer to the question: “Macedonians, do you want to exist?” Because even now, after that Murtin-Prespa catastrophe, they did not have the strength and did not spark their will to exist, in order to answer the fateful question posed like this: “Yes, we want it!” No. Something has long been wrong with the instinct of the Macedonians to exist, to drink life-giving water from their authentic generic source. And yet, in spite of everything, we still have the hope, dear reader, that the fire of memory will not fall asleep in the ashes in which the civilizations packed us and put us in a mortal urn in Prespa 2018. Because the nature of that fire is a wedding one and one day it will come out of the morgue with that ecstatic freshwater wedding cry “I-i-i-h!”, characteristic of the crushed tribe. It went through disasters with him.
Yes. And you already notice, dear reader, that we are going into metaphysics. You are eager to return to reality, to the elections. I agree. If you like my opinion, they were extremely dirty, which is not a big surprise.

They were played according to a pre-prepared script in which I am sure she tangled her fingers in the “invisible”, unlike the extroverted imperial cowboy Bailey, the introverted Kate. Nothing new. Even the Macedonians themselves. For three decades now, since the so-called “independence”, which turned out to be false, we are a trapped consciousness, mind, of the two Mastodon Macedonian parties: DPMNE (without the holy acronym VMRO forward, which they once dishonored) and SDSS, ie SDSM without M, which they idiotically handed over and do not deserve. Instead it should now be replaced by S in the designation of the north. Well, in the end, you get double SS. Doesn’t that remind you, dear reader, by analogy of some famous SS division? Because that analogy in the end is not accidental, if we have in mind that this party in a fascist way, as a servant of that plan in Brussels and Washington, by renaming committed an identity genocide against its own people. Yes. But with one remark. Yet their comparison of their Führer with Hitler and the German fascist National Socialist Party does hold us from a simple, essential fact. Namely, unlike these fascists, they did not annihilate their own people, but raised to the skies its identity eros and, in nicheski terms, the will to power. Do you understand, dear reader?

Because both you and I from this Mastodon Macedonian party that demonstrated original, unlike the German Nazi, fascist genocidal capacity, we expected at least someone to come out and say NO to the pogrom he is doing, crushing the ousted tribe. And there are so many tense academic “intellectuals”, ashamed of the invertebrate “intellectualism”, in it: ministers, mayors, councilors, administrators, Aramolepci, etc. And more than unfortunate. Thus, from the possible comparison between our and the German Führer, whose sapling today is Frau Merkel, will turn out to be a loss, unjustified German.
That is it. But these elections in our country, dear reader, have shown that the term democracy is the most false and manipulative term that exists. With him from antiquity until today, with the exception of the world state of Alexander the Great, he is only most perversely manipulated with a magical miraculous ease with the masses. Even now, with the elections, as we have seen, “democracy” has not been able to last a single day. And even if that day was right, nothing changes in terms of perversion wearing a democratic dress.

Because we elect them that day, and then they rule for four years and do whatever they want: they lie, steal, swim in corruption and crime, tear the skin of the people several times, change your name outside the referendum will, disfigure you too erase the entire millennial memory from this day back to Japheth, the youngest son of Noah whose descendants we are, as evidenced by the most important religious and anthropological document of Western civilization, the Bible. But their ears do not hurt. They talk about democracy, and they are dictators. They talk about social justice and ruthlessly steal. They are freaks of the genus, reptiles like those politicians from Brussels, stuck in the swamps of the Galapagos, helpless and late for the spine. Darwin is surprised by them, because they destroy his famous theory of the torturous evolution of Homo sapiens. He is completely confused by the Macedonian specimens, primates in that regard, which, even in the Galapagos, even remained as rare freaks, rare artifacts of evolution that they did not touch.
Yes. Macedonians did not answer this question when asked if they wanted to exist. They still seem to be drugged by terms like “democrat”, “progress”, “future”, “Europe” and even NATO, which helped Albanian terrorists in 2001, and I’m sure if needed will help them now. Naive, these people still believe in Western false democracy, humanism and justice. He does not even think about Lisbon, The Hague and Prespa. And how does the term “democracy” work in the West? That became the most dangerous word there.

Especially when it is uttered by the Americans. Then immediately their death bombers take off in search of oil and other material resources from those to whom they offer in exchange for death and bundled democracy. Peacemaker and Nobel laureate Obama has demonstrated this well. Democracy. That word, both in the West and in our country, stupidly more Western, is a kind of hallucinogenic drug or, in Marx’s phrase, “opium for the people.” The drugs that modern autocratic systems sell together with the perverted backed Christianity, with the same purpose of manipulating the masses.
We tasted all this well in our last elections, dear reader. In a word, figuratively speaking, they were dark, with no lamp to illuminate it. However, we must conclude that, fortunately, a small but intensely bright star named Left and its brave, just and ethical leader Dimitar Apasiev rose in the endlessly dirty Macedonian political sky. It seems that Macedonia and the Macedonians have been waiting for a long time, for three decades, for the appearance of such a person on its political scene. Yes. But look at the miracle. His appearance, like an ultrasonic rocket, immediately scared to death the still-in-power officers of the genocidal autocrat from Murtino, and soon their Prosecution summoned him for questioning.

A well-known method of intimidation through one and the whole nation, almost by analogy similar to the one: “From one sin entered into all.” Etc. For which Apasiev was summoned for indictment. About his statement on Facebook: “We will shoot you all.” And the Prosecution does not even know who they are, scared that it would be shot. But with what? Phenomenal nonsense. Well, Zaev and the Prosecution, from those strong advisers and experts who are surrounded by them, there is a linguist who will explain that the words have not only elementary meaning, but also a figurative metaphorical meaning, so he can shoot, shoot not only with a gun and ” Kalashnikov “, like our cohabitants since 2001, but also with thoughts, ideas, and, if you will, dear reader, and with curses that shoot our simple-minded people in despair, etc. However, despite the fierce pressure on Apasiev at the very beginning, he has the strength and character to pass him, because he knows that many more such traps and threats await him. Because it smells to them, like those of April 27, to a terrorist, in order for them to maintain the continuity of searching for terrorists among the Macedonian patriots, so that Ruskoska and Kacarska do not lose their jobs. And even if there are not only Albanian terrorists for the sake of ethical peace and coexistence. But it will last, because unlike them, reptiles are made of solid material and have a backbone.

And I acknowledge, and I believe, as you do, dear reader, that I can hardly wait for him and the Left, in addition to their remaining reform moves, to begin the difficult struggle to bring back the death of the enthroned tribe. The name for which the Macedonian Manifesto has been fighting for 12 years and will fight to the last breath. That’s it. We are at the end, dear reader. But for now, if you will, we will end with one of my poems from the poetry book in the final phase with the depressing title “Funeral in Prespa”. But you will see that in spite of all the mourning, there is a strong lightning bolt in it that opposes the ashes and death thrown into us by the international, Balkan and domestic freaks, the reptiles of the modern civilization Galapagos, which even Darwin cannot explain. But, here is the song entitled “Our and your wound” and with it I cordially greet you until our next meeting.