декември 5, 2023

Macedonian continuity

The truth is like an awl, you press it on one side and it comes out on the other. While here in the Balkans (Macedonian peninsula), key facts have long been erased from textbooks, and the few remaining are now destroyed and rewritten to foreign countries, the truth about Macedonia, Macedonians and Macedonian culture springs up every day around the world.

The clear Macedonian mind and the perfect balance between the instinct for a full stomach and the urge for truth and justice, took our guest worker in Sweden from the factory line to the library. There he found no less and no more the truth about himself, about his people and his pre-biblical genus, a truth that every true Macedonian feels deep inside.

In a historical atlas of the world (for which in some future time the Bulgarian forgers will surely prove that Tito printed it) it is clearly stated that from 8000 BC before Christ until the 18th century, a continuum of about 10,000, ten thousand years, on the territory of ethnic Macedonia and beyond, today divided among our newborn neighbors, there is no other name but MACEDONIA.

The atlas is in Swedish libraries and was printed in 1978. It chronologically shows all the socio-political changes on the territory of the Macedonian peninsula, today with the imposed name Balkan.

It would be good for our academic circles to be a little more interested in such sources, and less interested in Soros projects.