септември 27, 2023

Agents of the Deep State, IFIMES and USAID, have wronged in one: They prepared the election results for the account of the SDS and the Albanians very perfectly against the Macedonians.

The President of the SEC, Derkovski, in a televised interview after the announced results of the parliamentary elections of 15.07.2020, made an apologetic speech about his work and the work of the SEC, convincing the public that the results, which are clear to anyone with little intelligence were tuned, were realistic and were not computer-generated. However, unintentionally and unaware of what he was revealing, he said that IFIMES helped them get a donation from USAID to purchase a new software for the SEC. WHO IS IFIMES, Mr. Derkovski obviously has no idea. IFIMES is a so-called a non-governmental “deep state” organization based in Slovenia, which for years has been analyzing, namely rigging elections in the region at the expense of the needs of the neoliberal elite. IFIMES has been known to me since the parliamentary elections in 1994, in the Republic of Macedonia.

They prepared a pre-election analysis in which they stated what irregularities may occur in the elections, from smaller to filling boxes and other similar allegations. You will not believe it, but in the elections all those irregularities happened that robbed VMRO-DPMNE of its great victory, and the international observers in Skopje were just drunk, because they were aware that they were lying, they could recognize the elections as regular and declared the SDS the winner. VMRO-DPMNE did not recognize the elections and left the parliament, thus SDS reigned in the parliament, stealing the country smoothly with the privatization process according to the international recipe. IFIMES is known for its so-called analyzes in which he always favors the political parties that are agents of the neoliberal world elite as in this case is SDS in Macedonia. Therefore, do not have any doubts that as soon as IFIMES got involved in the procurement of software for the SEC, the election numbers are a mere set. In recent years, IFIMES has made other such favorable analyzes for other elections in Macedonia, but there are journalists so let them do a little research and not just parrot made texts by those who made this last election rig. They turned to reports on combinatorics for the composition of the government, which is ridiculous, because there are no dilemmas, it is so simple, and from Mars it can be seen who and how will form a government. And let none of them ask the real question, as with 40 percent fewer Albanian voters, the Albanian parties won 30 MPs, not counting the 4 won by BESA in the coalition with SDS in constituency 6. It is impossible for Albanian parties to win so many MPs except with the help of IFIMES software.

In addition, there is no hacker attack from outside, it is a lie to mystify things with some kind of hacker attack and to cover the interruption of the SEC website during which the results changed and were tuned so perfectly in favor of SDS and Albanians. Analysts Klekovski and the specialist for the Dontov election model Nikola Spasov, who knows most competently that the number of Albanian MPs is a big fraud and can elaborate on that exactly. But he chooses to remain silent. And why is this deception, you understand. To install himself again with “smooth violence” Albanian Prime Minister and to end Macedonia. It is so easy for the deep shit elite with the stupid Macedonians who achieved everything they thought of thanks to the naive acquaintances like Derkovski and the corrupt mafia minds of the politicians. Plus, because the leader of the largest Macedonian opposition party, Mickoski, is still in kindergarten when it comes to politics, or is a top-secret mercenary of the deep state, then it is very easy for the agents of the deep state to work Macedonia as a garden. And Zaev would go on vacation after the “big” victory. The winner, however, is still uncertain.